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27 Feb - 9 Mar: St Vincent - British Virgin Islands

Wonderful cruising with the chance to choose which islands you visit

St Vincent:  You will start your adventures in St Vincent. It is composed of partially submerged volcanoes that make it very mountainous, rich in vegetation and one of the only places in the world that can boast having both black and white sand. St Vincent is most famous for acting as the main filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is well worth arriving a few days early to fully explore this interesting island.

This trip is tailored around being very much up to what you would like to see so all requests are welcome. It will also include a few longer overnight passages. These will give you a great chance to be mesmerised by the Caribbean stars.

Bequia:  First stop will probably be the beautiful Bequia, a sailor's heaven, considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean due to its low key but fun nature. From the stunning, protected, natural harbour at Admiralty Bay to Port Elizabeth, the island's relaxed capital with its colourful wooden buildings, it's hard not to feel your pace of life slow down. Even in the peak seasons, don't be surprised to find you're the only one standing some of the beaches.

Nevis or St Kitts:  are also options where you will have the chance to visit Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest fortress ever built in the Eastern Caribbean and the Warner Park Cricket Stadium where many of the world cup cricket matches were held in 2007. Their love of cricket seeps through the island's culture.

isle de Saints or St Barths:  Your adventures will continue as Zenara makes her way north to one of the two islands found in the French West Indies: Isle de Saints or St Barths. Some of the coastal areas form part of a 1,000 hectare marine reserve where you be able to enjoy delightful anchorages where you can snorkel from the boat, seeing turtles, an eclectic mix of fish and beautiful reefs. Make sure you look out for humpback whales as well, being residents in the channel between St Maarten and St Barths, they are regularly spotted. 

British Virgin Islands:  renowned for their beauty, will be where you spend your final few days. Made up of over 60 islands, 15 of which are inhabited, there are options again to put forward requests of where you would like to stop. Most of the islands are volcanic and covered in rich vegetation. They lie in the Virgin Archipelago so are rich in marine life. They are considered amongst the greatest sailing destinations in the world, with their calm waters, idyllic scenery and steady breezes, sailors can't get enough of them.

Total voyage distance is approximately 500 nautical miles.

The price for an individual berth for this 10 day cruise is £1,650 and will include:

  • Ocean Yachtmaster skipper 
  • All food and provisions whilst on board at sea
  • All boat costs, including fuel, gas, berthing and safety equipment

You pay for flights, shoreside accommodation and your own personal insurance.  

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