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11 - 25 May 2015: Blue water, long distance cruise to Bermuda

This is a wonderful cruise of around 1200 nautical miles, likely to start from Havana, Cuba heading northeasterly towards our destination, of St Geroge's Harbour, Bermuda.  The passage is expected to take about 11 - 12 days, so allowing for lighter breezes or a few days of relaxing in Bermuda, departures will be on 25 May.

After Bermuda we will be setting sail for the Azores, and you are welcome to join us for this onward passage. For more details see the Transatlantic cruise from Bermuda to the Azores. 

Are you tempted by this adventure of ocean sailing from a tropical Caribbean island, to the subtropical, beautiful Bermuda?

This is a wonderful adventure with the promise of deep blue Caribbean seas, warm trade wind sailing and a glorious destination. A lovely sail with plenty of time to enjoy the delights of passage making in the sunshine, improve your sailing, discover the challenges and pleasures of sailing a big ocean yacht, or just escape and relax!

We are allowing time to sail in comfort, with possible stop overs in Key West and/or Miami and will take advantage of favourable breezes, with the possibility of some time to explore the historic town of St George, in the north of Bermuda.  Detailed passage planning will take into account crew interests and weather to ensure the most enjoyable sailing conditions.


The cost of each individual place is £1,450 for this two week cruise.  If you want to stay onboard for the passage to Azores and/or back to Spain ask us about reduced pricing for two or more legs.

With only four places available, this is a fantastic opportunity!  The price includes:

  • Your berth on board Zenara
  • Ocean Yachtmaster skipper and crew
  • All food and provisions whilst on board at sea
  • All boat costs, including fuel, gas, berthing and safety equipment

You pay for flights, any shoreside accommodation in the BVIs or Bermuda and your own personal insurance.

Contact us for more details.


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