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13 - 23 Jun 2015: Cruising in the Azores

We depart from Horta, Faial in the Azores on for a ten day cruise in these beautiful remote Atlantic Islands. There are nine islands, ranging from the smallest with only 300 inhabitants to Sao Miguel with still only 150,000 people.  We plan to sail to Terceira, to visit the beautiful town of Angra do Heroismo declared by Unesco as a cultural heritage site.  Then we sail on to Sao Miguel, where there are the Blue and Green Lagoons in a huge extinct volcano cone.

Our itinerary will be flexbile depending on crew interests and will allow us to spend some time shoreside to explore the incredible scenery.  Departures will be on 23 June.

After the Azores we will be sailing to Spain and you are welcome to join us for this onward passage. For more details see the Transatlantic cruise from the Azores to the UK.

Sailing the emerald islands of the Azores where the sea is teaming with wildlife!

The nine islands of the Azores archipelago are lush and rural, with amazing waterfalls and flora. There are few visiting yachts apart from world voyagers. Once an important whaling nation, the Azores now embraces whale and dolphin conservation in her rich deep waters.  This is a very 'out there' in the Atlantic Ocean cruise, with some pleasant sailing passages between island groups.

The beauty of the Azores is endless. No mass tourism spoils any of the islands. Due to the Gulf Stream the weather is always warm but not too hot. In June you can expect air temperatures between 24° and 28°, water temperatures 22° - 25°.


The cost of each individual place for thiscruise is £1,450.  If you want to stay onboard for the passage back to Spain ask us about reduced pricing for two legs.

With only six places available, this is a fantastic opportunity!  The price includes:

  • Your berth on board Zenara
  • Ocean Yachtmaster skipper and crew
  • All food and provisions whilst on board at sea
  • All boat costs, including fuel, gas, berthing and safety equipment

You pay for flights, any shoreside accommodation and your own personal insurance.

Contact us for more details.


Experience cruising the beautiful seas in our fully equipped 72ft yacht