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9 - 19 Apr: Cienfuegos - Cienfuegos, Cuba's glorious southern coast cruise

Join us to discover the best of the southern coast of Cuba - with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant approach to life, deserted islands and fantastic sailing.

We will design this cruise to suit you, either heading south west to Cayo Largo or east to Trinidad, and potentially the Jardines de la Reina (‘Gardens of the Queen’), you chose! The suggested itinerary starts with Cayo Largo.

Cienfuegos:  First settled by the French and still having a Franco-Cuban feel, Cienfuegos has a rich architectural heritage from the 19th century. Fast becoming the nautical centre of Cuba due to its location on the beautiful Jagua Bay. Visit the famous Terry Theatre, the Jagua Castle and the spectacular Botanical garden.  

Cayo Largo del Sur Marina, in Los Canarreos archipelago, we sail some 75nm to our first island Cayo Largo, with the possibility of a stop on the way at the coral reefs off Cayo Hijo de los Ballenatos anchoring off to explore glorious beaches and snorkeling. Cayo Largo has some spectacular beaches at the west end and south coast. Beautifully clear waters idea for snorkeling and fishing. Ashore there is a turtle and crocodile farm and lovely birdlife to be found on drying mudflats.

Cayo Rosario is a short sail from Cayo Largo, this Cayo is renowned for unspoilt sandy beaches and ashore there is a nature preserve and marked trail with the possibility of seeing some large iguanas. From Cayo Rosario you can chose whether to continue on to Isla de la Juventud or to head east to allow time to visit Casilda bay and Trinidad.

Isla de la Juventud this island was discovered by Columbus and largely ignored for centuries. Since the revolution is has been developed as an agricultural region. It is worth renting a car for a day to simple explore this very picturesque island. Punta Frances has some lovely beaches and gorgeous coral. 

Casilda bay and Trinidad:  Casilda and Trinidad are two of the oldest cities in the New World. Trinidad is UNESCO World Heritage listed, originally prospering on the sugar industry, it has charming cobbled streets, colonial architecture restored to it’s 16th century glory.  The laid-back lifestyle make it a delight to explore on foot and not to be missed is a wonderful view from the steeple of the Musea de la Luchas Contra Bandidos, looking towards the Escambray mountains.  From Casilda bay it is a short hop back to Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos: Cienfuegos is a four hour drive from Havana so remember to allow time to visit Cuba’s exciting capital before you leave.

The price for an individual berth for this 10 day cruise is £1,650 and will include:

  • Ocean Yachtmaster skipper 
  • All food and provisions whilst on board at sea
  • All boat costs, including fuel, gas, berthing and safety equipment

You pay for flights, shoreside accommodation and your own personal insurance.  

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